AP Check Lookup by Vendor

The AP Check Lookup by Vendor program displays the payment transactions that have processed on the system for the selected vendor.  If a vendor company is already selected when the AP Check Lookup by Vendor program is called from the menu, the vendor is loaded into the program and the check and wire transfer transactions for the vendor are automatically displayed by the program.


If the AP Check Lookup by Vendor program is called from the menu and a vendor is not already selected, the program will not display any records, and you must select a valid Vendor to continue. 

You may select a vendor company by using the buttons next to the vendor account and vendor company fields in the top section of the program.  This will display a vendor selection list that allows you to sort and select a vendor using multiple different display and search sequences.

Once you have selected a valid vendor, the program will display any payment transactions for the vendor in the lower section of the Lookup program.  Additional information about each payment can be viewed by using the Zoom and Expand Options that are available in the program.  These options are briefly described below.


Zoom - Bank Detail Panel

Expand - Bank Journal Entry Activity Lookup