AR Aging By Customer

The Accounts Receivable Aging By Customer Report is used to produce an aging of open accounts receivable invoices in customer sequence.  The AR Aging By Customer Report can be used to verify the balance in the accounts receivable sub-ledger and to substantiate the accounts receivable balances in your general ledger.  The AR Aging By Customer report can also be used for collections purposes.  The report allows you to quickly determine which customers and invoices are past due and it also automatically prints any AR Comments or Collections Notes that have been created for any of the open invoices.

Selection Options: The AR Aging By Customer report includes the following selection options.

      Division: Selects only those accounts receivable invoices which are posted to the specified Division.  The Division selection is required.

      Company Name Range: Allows you to select only the accounts receivable invoices for the companies in the selected company range.  The prompt buttons on the right hand side of the from and to windows can be used to display the Customer Lookup which can be used to specify the companies to be included on the report.

      Accounts Receivable Operator IN: Selects only the records for customers who are assigned an AR Operator that matches one of those specified in the selection.

      Sales Representative Range: This option allows you to select only the invoices that were entered for sales reps in the selected sales rep range.

      Only Overdue Invoices, Between: Includes only invoices which are overdue by a number of days that is in the selected range.  The system calculates the number of days that each invoice is overdue by comparing the due date stored in each invoice to the date on which the report is run.

      Aging Periods:  The Aging Period Windows can be used to define the aging periods that are used by the report.  These fields will default based on system parameters but can be changed as required.

      Print Customer Summary: If this option is selected, the report will not output the individual invoice detail for each customer and it will output only a summary total for each company included on the report.

Output Format:

The following section displays a sample of the output produced by the AR Aging By Customer Report. This sample is based on the default List and Label Template for the report that is provided by Cove Systems. Please note that the report output and selection information can also be customized using the Advanced Reporting Options and the Design report options that are available in the system

Description: ar_aging_by_customer


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