AR Check Detail Lookup

The AR Check Detail Lookup displays the invoice numbers and invoice amounts that were paid with the selected accounts receivable check record. 

The information that is actually displayed in the lookup consists of the journal entry lines that are associated with the selected AR check payment transaction.  The journal entry for an accounts receivable check normally consists of one line to the cash clearing account, and one or more lines to the accounts receivable control account.  Each of the accounts receivable journal entry lines identifies the invoice and amount that was paid with the check.  If discounts were also taken during the payment transaction, then the journal entry will also include a separate journal entry line for each invoice on which a discount was taken.

The AR Check Detail Lookup program allows you to view the distribution detail for the selected AR Check and it also allows you to

      View the detailed information stored in each journal entry line that is displayed by the program.

      View the detailed information that is stored in the Invoice Header records that are associated with each journal entry line displayed by the program. 

      Access the File and Field Help System.  The AR Check Detail Lookup contains the Cove Standard Toolbar.  The Standard Toolbar contains a Help Button that can be used to display the Cove Field Help System.  The Field Help System can be used to display the database definition for each of the fields that are displayed in the AR Check Detail Lookup program.  The Column Help option (which is available from the Right Mouse Menu) can also be used to display the Field Help System.


Zoom - Journal Entry Line Detail Panel

Expand - Invoice Header Detail Panel