Accounts Receivable Lookup Programs

The Accounts Receivable Lookup programs are primarily used to view Customer and Accounts Receivable Invoice information.  The AR Lookup programs also allow you to access other information that is related to or associated with customer accounts receivable processing, such as sales orders, serial numbers, invoice payment activity detail, etc.

Please Note: Some of the AR Lookup programs described in this section are called from other AR Lookup programs. This is done in order to allow you to “drill down” through transaction activity. For example, the AR Invoice Lookup program calls the Invoice Lines Lookup program, which calls the Invoice Line Detail Panel.  In cases where one lookup program calls another, the secondary lookup programs are documented individually and are only briefly described from the calling program.  This allows the features in each lookup to be highlighted and prevents duplicate documentation for the same program.

In addition, some of the AR Lookup options, such as the Customer Lookup, are actually calling programs from other modules in the system.  For example: The Customer Lookup that is normally included on the AR Lookup menu is used for a variety of tasks and is actually part of the CRM or Customer Relationship Management Module.  In cases where a Lookup program from another module is included in the menu system, the Lookup program is completely documented in the module that it belongs to, and it is only briefly referred to in the documentation for the other modules. 

The Help system will automatically call the correct (complete documentation) for each program regardless of where the program is accessed from.

The Lookup programs that are included in the AR Module are listed below.


AR Invoice Lookup

AR Check Lookup

Invoice Lines Lookup

AR Invoice Activity Lookup

AR Batch Lookup

AR Check Detail Lookup

Invoice Header Detail Panel

Invoice Line Detail Panel

AR Check Detail Panel

Invoices Lookup

Find an Invoice for Customer Lookup

Invoices for a Sales Order Lookup

Invoices for a Sales Order Line Lookup

Credit Against Invoice