AR Invoice Creation - Credit Invoice

The Credit Invoice option allows you to partially or completely credit a shipment that has been processed in the Order Invoicing program.

The Credit Invoice Option in the Accounts Receivable Invoice Lookup program allows you to quickly create a credit memo for the selected accounts receivable invoice. The Credit Invoice option also allows you to make modifications to the items, quantities,  and other information in the new credit memo prior to saving the new document.

The Credit Invoice option allows you to add nonstock items to the credit invoice, it allows you to delete or reduce the quantity of any stocking lines on the credit memo, and it allows you to update the shipping and other header information in the credit memo prior to saving the document.

The Credit Invoice option may only be used to credit normal sales invoices (type DI,OI,IN) which have a postive balance.  The Credit Invoice option also cannot be used on a credit memo.

The Credit Invoice option uses the F248 parameter ARINVCRD to restrict the operators that can credit invoices in the program.  The system will not allow an operator credit an invoice unless the parameter is set to Y for the operator

When the Credit Invoice option is selected, the system will check the selected invoice to see if any credits have already been issued against the invoice.  If so, the system will display the amount of credits that have been issued.  If you have already issued credits for an amount equal to or greater than the original amount of the selected invoice, the system will notify you and then block you from processing a credit for the invoice (in this situation, you must use the RA system or the Direct Invoicing option to create additional credits for the invoice.

If the selected invoice is valid and it has not already been fully credited, the system will use the detail from the selected invoice to create a temporary sales order.  This sales order contains the same items and prices as the original invoice, but the quantities are reversed (negative).  Any shipping amount from the original invoice is also reversed.  Once the sales order is created, it is loaded into the Order Invoicing program.

Once the order has been loaded into the Order Invoicing program, the operator can make any required adjustments to the quantities, pricing, serial detail, and other information for the credit memo and add any comments or image information prior to Saving the invoice.  As the invoice is saved, the system assigns a permanent invoice number to the credit memo and it posts the invoice to the GL (if you are posting online).


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