AR Invoice Creation - Cancel Invoice

The Cancel Invoice option allows you to cancel a shipment that has been processed in the Order Invoicing program.

The Cancel Invoice option which can be accessed from the AR Invoice Lookup program, allows you to cancel an invoice by creating a credit memo for the items on the original invoice. When this option is selected, the system automatically creates a credit memo for all items on the original invoice and it applies the credit memo to the selected invoice to close out the invoice and the credit memo.

The Cancel invoice option can only be used for normal sales invoices (type OI,DI, IN invoices), and the option may only be used if there has been no payment or adjustment activity against the selected invoice. You may not cancel loaner (type OS, DS, SH) invoices or invoices that are created during accounts receivable payment processing to track under or overapplied customer payments (type OP, PP, DM). You also may not cancel an invoice that contains vendor shipment lines, or a credit memo.

When the cancel invoice option is used

      The system creates a credit memo for the selected invoice.

      The system does not re-open the order lines associated with the invoice being cancelled.

      The system does not allow you to edit any of the information on the original invoice.

      All Serialized inventory items on the invoice being cancelled are automatically returned to stock and a serial history record is created to track the transaction and tie the serial numbers to the new credit memo invoice.

      Both the original invoice and the credit memo created to cancel the invoice are applied against each other (closed) at the end of the process.

      The F248 parameter ARINVCAN is used to restrict the operators that can cancel invoices in the program.  The system will not allow an operator cancel an invoice unless the parameter is set to Y for the operator

      The F248 parameter DEFSUBXL is used to assign the default Subtype to be used for cancelled invoices.  This value should also exist in the Gencode SUBTYPE table.


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