AR Invoice Creation - Direct Invoicing

The Direct Invoicing program allows you to create AR invoices that are not associated with a specific customer sales order. The Direct Invoicing program can be used to quickly process invoices for customer will call, walk in, or pick up situations, and it can also be used to process customer shipping, price and sales tax adjustments.

The Direct Invoicing program can be used to create invoices for both stocking and nonstock inventory items.  Nonstock items are used to issue customer credits for shipping, price and other adjustments that do not involve the actual shipment of product.

The Direct Invoicing program handles serialized inventory items, and it calculates and applies sales tax based on the Customer, Shipto and Item information being processed. The Direct Invoicing program also prevents you from selling inventory that has already been allocated to shop orders or customer sales orders.   The invoices created with the Direct Invoicing program will have a document type of DI (Direct Invoice).


AR Invoice Creation - Non-Inventory Invoicing