Assign Autopost Numbers

Certain GL accounts such as Cash, Accounts Payable, and Discounts Earned are posted to automatically by the Accounts Payable System.  The system uses autopost numbers to identify these "control" accounts (please see the Autopost Numbers Reference section of the GL documentation).  The autopost numbers for the control accounts that are posted to by the AP system must be set up before the user begins to process AP transaction.

Select the Maintain Account Descriptions program from the General Ledger Menu and assign the appropriate autopost numbers to the Accounts Payable, Discounts Earned and default AP Cash accounts.  Also assign cash autopost numbers to any other cash account that will have checks or wire transfer payments issued from it.  The valid range of autopost numbers for each of the above accounts are 310-319 for the Accounts Payable account, 820 for the Discounts Earned account, and 100-119 for the Cash account(s).

If you are going to be using multiple accounts payable control accounts (this is optional and allows you to track payables in the GL for specific groups of vendors), you should assign a unique autopost number of 310-319 to each of the accounts payable control accounts.


Set up Generic Code Tables