Assign GL Autopost Numbers

-  Certain G/L accounts such as cash, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, and sales are posted to automatically by the system.  The system uses autopost numbers to identify or point to these "control" accounts (please see the Autopost Numbers reference).  The autopost numbers for the control accounts that are posted to by the system must be set up before the user begins to process transactions.

Programs Used

Maintain Account Descriptions

Chart of Accounts Worksheet


Enter the autopost numbers for the G/L control accounts into the system with the Maintain Account Descriptions program.  (Please see the Autopost Reference section of the documentation for more information about valid autopost numbers and the G/L accounts that they should be assigned to).

Print a Chart of Accounts Worksheet and use it to check that the autopost numbers entered with the Maintain Account Descriptions program were assigned to the correct accounts.


Set GL System Parameters