Assigning the Default ShipTo Address

If a customer record is created in the system and no ShipTo records are created for the customer, the system will use the customer billing information (the address information in the customer record) for the shipping address during sales order and quote processing.

If a customer requests that product be shipped to addresses that are different than the customer billing address, a ShipTo record is created for each of those addresses.  Each customer record in the system can have multiple ShipTo records associated with it, and these records can be selected from when you are processing an order or quote for the customer.  This allows you to ship orders for one customer to multiple different addresses.  A record must be created for each address that you wish to ship product to, and this address is saved for historical purposes.  Each

In addition, a single record can be identified as the “default” shipping address for the company.  If a ShipTo record is identified as the default ShipTo record, this record is automatically used when orders are processed for the company.  The default address can be accepted or changed during order entry, but it will be automatically suggested each time an order is entered for the company.  To assign a default ShipTo address, the following steps should be followed.

1.  Select the Customer Manager from the CRM Pull-down menu.

2.  Select the ShipTo tab to display the existing ShipTo records for the company.

3.  Determine if the default flag (shown in the list of ShipTo records) is set


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