Create New ShipTo

1.  Select the Customer Manager from the CRM Pull-down menu.

2.  Find the appropriate Customer record as described under “Viewing and Editing a Customer record”.

3.  Select the “ShipTos” tab in the Customer Manager to display the existing ShipTo records for the company.

4.  Press the Insert key to add a new ShipTo record for the company.  When the INSERT key is pressed, the system displays the ShipTo Address Detail panel.  The ShipTo Detail panel is automatically loaded with the billing information for the selected company.  This default information from the Company record can be changed as appropriate.

5.  Verify that all required fields have been loaded correctly, especially the sales tax information (Taxtype and Taxcode).  The Taxtype and Taxcode fields in each ShipTo record override the sales tax information in the company record when the ShipTo is used during order processing.  It is therefore very important that these fields are loaded properly.  The Taxtype and Taxcode fields are normally set up based on your companies’ requirements for collecting sales taxes in various geographic areas and on whether or not the customer has submitted a resale certificate for the state in which the ShipTo is located.  Please see the Sales Tax Documentation for more information about the Taxcode and TaxType fields.

6.  SAVE the new record can be saved by pressing the SAVE key or button.


Assigning the Default ShipTo Address