Assign Vendor default GL accounts

Each vendor may be assigned an optional default GL account and sub-account in the Vendor Master file.  This GL account information defines the GL account that will default into the "distribution panel" of the AP Invoice Entry program when processing an accounts payable invoice for the vendor.  The Acct_No and Sub_No fields in the vendor record should be loaded with the appropriate GL account and sub account if the vendor invoices are normally posted to the same account on a regular basis.  The default account and sub account are automatically suggested by the system when an invoice for the vendor is processed and the amounts are distributed.  The operator can accept or override this default account as required for each invoice.

1.  Enter the account number and sub account number of the default GL account for the vendor.  If the invoices for a particular vendor are regularly charged to the same GL account (for instance GTE or AT&T invoices are always charged to the Telephone Expense account), the account number of the account should be entered into the Charge to Account and Sub Account fields shown in the Vendor Manager program.  This will cause the AP Invoice Entry program to default to the specified GL account in the Invoice Allocation window whenever an invoice is entered for that vendor.


Enter AP Beginning Balances