Create Vendors

The system will not allow the operator to enter an AP invoice for a vendor unless the vendor has been entered into the Vendor Master file. All vendors should be loaded or entered into the Vendor file before you begin processing any accounts payable transactions for the vendor. 

1.  Enter the vendors into the system using the Vendor Manager program.  For each vendor, the company name, address, and phone information should be entered.  The vendor name and address used for purchasing should be used in the vendor master, if there are different names and addresses used for purchasing vs. remittance processing.   If the company does have a separate address and or name for remittance processing (used when you print a check for the vendor), you should enter the remittance information (including the company name) into the remit to fields in the vendor record.  Note:  The remit to information for a vendor is used only when the remit to company name has been loaded.

2.  Determine whether or not the system should print checks automatically for each vendor.  The Autopay field in the Company Master file is used by the system to determine which vendors are paid by check.  If the system should print checks for the vendor the Autopay field in the Company Master file should be set to "Y ".  If the vendor is normally paid by wire transfer or if there is some other reason that checks should not be issued to the vendor, an "N" should be entered in the Autopay field.   If the Autopay field is set to "N", the system will not print an automatic check for the vendor unless the vendor is specifically selected in the check printing program. 


Assign Vendor default GL accounts