Automatically Placing Accounts on Hold

Another option for placing accounts on hold is to run the Customer Reconciliation program with the H (Hold Accounts per F248 parameters) option.  Note: This program is normally executed automatically each night as part of the night time processing that is performed by the system.  Please see your system administrator if you would like to implement this feature.  The Customer Reconciliation program rebuilds the open order and accounts receivable balances for each customer.  The program also optionally audits each customer and places a hold on any customer that has past due invoices.  Open orders for the customer can also be placed on hold when the customer status is changed.  The criteria that are used by the program when determining if an account should be placed on hold are defined based on the following system parameters

      ARRISK- This parameter stores the values that are used when evaluating each customer to determine if the account should be put on hold.   An ARRISK parameter should be set up for each risk level that is assigned to your customers and the system will then use the parameter that corresponds to the customer risk level setting (for example, the ARRISK-1 parameter would be used for any customers that have the RISK_LEVEL field in the customer record set to 1).  The data fields in the ARRISK- parameter records should be loaded with the following information.  DATA_N1 stores the maximum days overdue, DATA_N2 stores the maximum amount overdue, and DATA_N3 stores the maximum percent overdue.  If the fields in the parameter are not loaded, the system defaults 999, 999999999, and 100 into the variables during processing.

      ACTHLDSO This parameter determines if the open orders for each customer should be put on hold when the customer status is changed to H.  If the parameter is set to Y, the Customer Reconciler will place a hold on all open orders for any accounts that are placed on hold.  If the parameter is set to N is blank or is missing, the program will not place a hold on any open orders for the companies that are placed on hold status.

To automatically place customer accounts on hold, the following tasks should be completed.

1.  Verify if the RISK_LEVEL field in the Company file is being used and what values you are populating the field with.  (This may require the assistance of your system administrator who can tell you if the field is being loaded on new records and what the contents of existing records are.

2.  Create the ARRISK- parameters based on the risk levels you are using.  One parameter should be created for each risk level in the system.  The number of days overdue, amt overdue, and the maximum percentage overdue values should be entered into the DATA_N1 DATA_N3 fields of each of the parameters based on the risk level being processed.

3.  Set the ACTHLDSO parameter based on whether you would like the system to place holds on any open orders for the customers that the system is setting to hold status.

4.  Run the Customer Reconciliation program this program is normally executed as part of the nightly Job Processing.


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