Bin Lookup

The Bin Lookup program displays all of the Bin records for the selected inventory item in the selected inventory location.  Bin records are used to track the physical or bin locations in which an item exists in a specific inventory location or warehouse.  Multiple bins can exist for an item in a single warehouse location as long as a unique location/item/bin combination is used for each record.  Each Bin record stores the quantity of the item that is located in the bin (the bin quantity), the quantity of the bin that is committed to printed shop order or sales order lines (the committed quantity), and the quantity that is available or free (the free quantity).  Bin records also contain other fields that are used by the Count Processing and other applications in the system.  The Bin system is described in more detail in the Overview section of this document.

The Bin Lookup program allows you to view all of the bins for the item in the selected warehouse and it also allows you to access detailed information about each Bin record.  The fields from the Bin record that are displayed in the Lookup can be customized, but they usually include the Bin Code, the Item Number, the total quantity of the item in the bin, the committed quantity of the item in the bin, and the remaining free quantity in the bin.


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