Warehouse Management Lookup Programs

The programs on the WMS Lookup Menu are primarily used to view Inventory, Bin and Catalog information.  The WMS Lookup menu also includes some programs that can be used to view open customer sales orders and vendor purchase orders.

Please Note: Some of the Lookup programs described in this section are called from other Lookup programs. Some of the Warehouse Management Lookup programs may also call lookups from other modules or applications. This is done in order to allow you to “drill down” through transaction activity. For example, the Accounts Payable Lookup program calls the Account Payable Journal Entry Lookup program, which calls the Journal Entry Lookup Program.

This section describes each of the Lookup programs separately to allow the various features of each lookup to be highlighted. In some cases, the Lookup programs are activated by merely “expanding” from one lookup to another and no menu selection is necessary. These cases are noted in the following sections.

This section also briefly describes some Lookups that belong to other modules in the system. An example is the Purchase Order Lookup programs. The PO Lookup programs are completely documented as part of the PO system but the programs are also included in theWMS Module. These lookups from other applications are briefly described here and you should refer to the appropriate documentation for a more detailed description. Regardless of what module a Lookup program is called from, the Help system should automatically display the correct documentation for the program. In the above example, the Help key should display the documentation for the Purchase Order Lookup that is contained in the documentation for the PO Module even if the Lookup is activated from the Warehouse Management System.


Bin Lookup

Picks for a Bin Lookup

Inventory Activity Lookup

Invoice Inventory Activity Lookup

Inventory Transaction Lookup

Inventory Transaction Detail Panel

Warehouse Activity Lookup

Receipts Detail

Pending Detail Panel

Loaner Detail Panel

Item Demand

Receipts Lookup