Bin Reconciliation and Maintenance

There are two maintenance programs in the Bin Management System that should be run on a daily basis.  These programs are used to identify problems caused by system errors or that occur during transaction processing.

The first of these (FV091X01) compares the inventory on-hand quantities for each item to the bin quantity totals for each item.  If the total in the bin records does not match the total in the Inventory item, an error is output and corrective action should be taken.  Normally this would include counting the bins for the item and adjusting either the bin or item quantities as appropriate.  Bin quantities can be adjusted using the Bin Management program.  Item quantities can be adjusted using the Inventory Adjustment program.

The second bin reconciliation program (FV096X02) compares the committed quantity in each bin record to the total open printed pick lists and pull tickets for the bin.  If the committed total does not match the detail from the orders the bin quantity is assigned to, an error message is output and the program attempts to correct the record.  If the program is unable to correct the error (usually due to a bin quantity being over-committed), an over-commit error is output so that appropriate action can be taken.  Appropriate action in this case would be to reset one or more of the printed documents to reduce the committed quantity below the bin total quantity.


Unit of Measure and Bin Replenishment