Bin Management Overview

The Bin System is used along with the Inventory Control system in order to track the physical location of the items in your warehouse.  The Bin Management System allows you to maintain multiple physical locations for a single inventory item in a single warehouse location.  The Bin System also provides automated methods for processing bin transactions such as transfers, stock put-away, order picking, etc.   For more detailed information about processing specific bin transactions, please see the Procedures section of this document.  For more information about installation procedures, please see the Installation/Set Up section of this document.


Bin Assignment/Put away

Receiving Dock Processing - Reserved Bins

Picking/Pull Ticket Processing

Bin Transfers

Inventory Adjustments

Inventory Counting

Static Vs Re-usable bins

Inquiry Access

Bin Reconciliation and Maintenance

Unit of Measure and Bin Replenishment

SKU Conversion