Build Processing

Once the shop order is entered and is partially or completely pulled, the assembly department actually assembles the goods.  During this time, the Job Status and Work Center fields in the Shop Order header can be used to track the status of the shop order.  These fields can be useful when certain items take a long time to assemble or when items require outside service such as cleaning, plating, or other special processing.

The Inventory Item Shop Floor comments, BOM Header and Line Item comments, and the Shop Order Header and Line Item comments are all available to the assembly department while the items on the shop order are being assembled.  These notes can be viewed on-line in the Shop Order Entry and other programs, and they are also automatically printed on the Shop Order documents including the Shop Order, the Pull Ticket and the Shop Floor Traveler.

The Shop Order is simply a printed copy of the item being built and the BOM details for it.  The Pull Ticket is used when pulling components from inventory as described earlier in this document.  The Shop Floor Traveler is a sheet that lists the item being built, the quantity of each component required to build 1 top level item and some space for assembly notes and initials.  The Traveler is often used to identify the parts for a specific shop order while the parts are in the shop.


Completing the Shop Order