Pull Ticket Processing

Once a shop order has been entered into the system and it is allocated to, a pull ticket can be created and processed.  A Pull Ticket is a document that is used to identify the components that are allocated to a shop order, and to pull the components from inventory.  Once the components are pulled from inventory, the pull ticket is processed.  This step actually decreases the component quantity in inventory and it moves the quantity and costs for the pulled components into the Work in Process Sub ledger.  The Pull Ticket Processing steps are listed below.

      Verify that goods are allocated to the shop order.

      Use the Print option in the Shop Order Entry program to print the pull ticket for the shop order.

      Physically locate the goods and bring them back to the shop (the work in process area is normally segregated from your normal inventory so that inventory and wip quantities can be counted and identified separately).

      Process the Pull Ticket.  Once the goods have been located and pulled, the Process Pull Ticket option is used to identify the actual quantity that was pulled from the shelf and to update the inventory and work in process sub ledgers.  If the quantity actually found for a component differs from that shown on the pull ticket (i.e. you cannot find the total quantity for an item), you can modify the quantity being processed as you process the pull ticket.

Once you have verified or changed the pull quantities for each item, and have pressed save in the Process Pull Ticket program, the system

      Adjusts the inventory and wip quantities for each component,

      Copies the average weighted cost of each component item from the inventory file into the WIP sub ledger.

      Adjusts the reserved and allocated numbers for the components to reflect the pull transaction (decrease inventory on hand, reserved, allocated quantities, increase wip quantity, value for components).

      Adjusts the pulled numbers in each shop order line to reflect the quantity of each component that has been pulled into wip.

      Adjusts the pulled quantity in the shop order header to indicate the quantity of top level items that components have been pulled for (the number of complete units that parts have been pulled for)

Note:  There is also an option in the system that allows you to reset a pull ticket prior to processing it.  This option can be used to reset a pull ticket that has been printed by mistake, or to allow you to correct an error that is noticed after the pull ticket has been printed (like the inventory quantity in the system does not match the actual quantity in the bin pointed to by the pull ticket).  The system will not try to allocate to a shop order that is identified as printed (meaning a pull ticket is being processed for the order).  The system does not allocate to a printed shop order until any printed pull tickets for the order have been processed or reset.  This prevents differences between the printed document being processed by the operator and the amounts shown in the system for the shop order when it is processed.


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