Catalog Inquiry

The Catalog Inquiry program provides customer service and product management personnel with comprehensive information about each record in the Catalog file.  The Catalog Inquiry program allows you search for and select a Catalog record using any of the several display and search sequences available in the program, and it displays or allows access to a large amount of information about each Catalog Item.

The primary information that is available for each Catalog Item includes.

Catalog Item Information.  The Main section of the Catalog Inquiry program displays basic information about each catalog record, including the item number, manufacturer item number, description, and manufacturer of the item.  Additional detailed information about each Catalog record can be accessed by selected by highlighting the appropriate Catalog item.  As each item is selected , the panels in the Catalog In

Quantitiy Information.  Catalog Inquiry will display the current quanties for each Catalog record for all sales locations or for a single sales location/  The quantities displayed include the total on hand, the total amount on order or reserved for specific customers, the amount of the item that is available to sell, and the quantity of the open purchase orders for the item.


Purchasing Information

Customer Order Information

SellWith Information

Catalog Lookup Section

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Totals of all Sales Locations

Keyword Search Window

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PO Detail Section

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Open Orders Section

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