Product Management Lookup Programs

This section describes the Product Management Lookup Programs.  The Product Management Lookup programs allow you to view, select and in some cases, edit the information used by the Product Management and other systems in StreamV.

Some of the Product Management Lookup programs listed in this section are called from other Product Management programs.  Other programs included in the Product Management Lookup Menu may be called directly from the menu, or they may be called from programs belonging to different applications.

In some cases, the programs on the Product Management Lookup Menu are also included on the Product Management Operations Menu for convenience.  When this is the case, the program is documented as an operations program and the documentation for the program is not duplicated in the lookup section.


Catalog Inquiry

Catalog Lookup

Catalog Lookup With Tagging

Warehouse Lookup

Keyword Lookup

Keyword Results Detail

Cross Reference Number Management

Item Cross Reference Lookup

Cross Reference Detail Panel

Prodline Selection List

Group Selection List