Catalog Lookup

The Catalog Lookup program is primarily used to locate and select a Catalog record.  The Catalog Lookup is activated from the Catalog Manager program when you use the prompt key that is located next to the Item Number to find and select a Catalog record for editing.  The Lookup is also called from other programs that require a valid catalog record to be entered into the data record that is being created (such as the Company Item Comment Detail panel).

The Catalog Lookup program also allows you to perform other tasks that include.

      Viewing and Editing a Catalog Record The Zoom option in the Catalog Lookup program allows you to access the Catalog Detail program which allows you to edit the information in the selected Catalog record (based on your security rights).

      Viewing and Editing the Warehouse or Inventory records for the selected Catalog record.  The Expand option in the Catalog Lookup program allows you to access the Warehouse Lookup, which displays the current quantities for the selected Catalog record in all warehouse locations where the item has been created.  The Warehouse Lookup also allows you to access the Inventory Detail program which can be used to edit the Inventory records for the Item (based on your security rights and the inventory normalization settings on your system.

      Viewing or Adding to the Images for the selected Catalog Item.

      Viewing, Editing or Creating Inventory Comments for the selected Catalog record.


Display and Search Sequences

Zoom - Catalog Detail

Expand - Warehouse Lookup