Changing the General Ledger Default Period

1.  Select the Set Accounting Period Program from the GL Maintenance/Utilities Menu.

2.  When the Set Accounting Period program is activated from the menu it will display the current default accounting period and year that have been set on your system in the left half of the program and the current je posting range (discussed in the next section)  in the right half of the program.  The default number of accounting periods (used when creating account period records) is displayed underneath the current system period and year information.

3.  To change the period (at monthend) or the period and year (at year-end) you should use the arrow buttons that are located to the right of the fields to set the fields to the appropriate values.  You may also manually type the appropriate information into each field.

4.  Once the correct period and year are displayed in the program you may save the change by pressing the Set Current Period Button.  Once the Button is pressed, the system verifies the new period and year information.  If the new information is valid, the system then saves the change and displays a message to notify the operator that the period has been set.  If the new period and year information is not valid, the system will force you to enter valid information before allowing you to save the change.

5.  Once the new period and year have been set, you can verify that the new information is being used by exiting and re-entering the system.  When you re-enter the system, the new default period should be displayed on the menu screens and in the Operator Login Panel.

6.  If you are changing the period in the middle of a day (this is not recommended), you should have all operators exit and re-enter the system to make sure that they all pick up the new system default year and period and do not process any additional transactions in the prior period.  If your operators exit the system each night and the period is changed at the end of the day, this step should happen automatically as the users log into system the next day.


Setting the Valid Period/Year Posting Range