Changing the vendor name

This procedure is used to change the name of an existing vendor.  This procedure is performed when a mistake is made during vendor entry or when a vendor company changes its name and then notifies you of the change.  This procedure can be used only when the new vendor name does not already exist in your vendor file.  When this procedure is performed, the system updates the selected vendor record with the new vendor name, and it also updates the vendor name in any transaction and other information that is associated with the vendor and tied to the vendor using the vendor company name.  This procedure is a two step process.  A name change request record is first entered using the Vendor Name Changer program.  A Name Change processor program is then run and this processor program actually updates the vendor record and the other data that is associated with the vendor record.

1.  Determine which vendor record needs to be changed and verify that the new vendor name does not already exist in the vendor file.  Note: If you change a vendor name and the new vendor already exists in your database, the system will consolidate the history for the two vendor companies.  This process cannot be reversed once the history has been combined.

2.  Select the Vendor Name Changer from the Vendor Utilities Menu.

3.  Locate and select the Vendor record to be changed.

4.  Enter the new Vendor name to be used for the vendor.  If the new vendor name exists, the system will warn you that you are consolidating the history for the vendors as described above.  If the new vendor name does not exist, the system will not warn you and you can save the name change request record.

5.  Run the Vendor Name Change Processor program.  Note:  The Vendor Name Change Processor program is normally set up to run automatically each night as part of the Job Processing System, and it is usually not necessary to run the program yourself.  The Processor program runs at night due to the fact that it may need to update large amounts of history for each vendor and due to the fact that transactions may be processed for the vendor during the day.


Consolidating vendor names