Vendor Management (VM)

The StreamV Vendor Management System (VM) is primarily used to create and maintain Vendor and Vendor Contact information. 

The Vendor Management programs allow you create new vendor and vendor contact records, to add images and comments to these vendor related records and to track the documents and other communications (such as emails or word documents) that you send to each vendor contact.

The programs that are included in the Vendor Management System also allow you to access information which is associated with vendor and vendor contact records.  This information includes vendor invoice, payment and purchasing information and vendor comment, cross reference and special pricing information.

The Vendors that are maintained in the Vendor Management System are used by the Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Product Management, and by other modules in the StreamV System.

Some of the programs which can be accessed from the Vendor Manager and the Vendor Contact Detail panel are actually parts of other systems in the StreamV application and these programs are fully described in the documentation for those systems.


Vendor Management Features

Vendor Management Overview

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Vendor Management Maintenance/Utility Programs

Vendor Management Procedures

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