Classes to Consider

The StreamV Special Pricing System normally uses a system parameter called SOTARGET to determine which special pricing routines or pricing options should be used when calculating the target price for an order line.  There is also an advanced option that allows you to define the pricing options to be used for a specific customer.  A record can be set up in the LONGCODE file (File 18) to define the special pricing classes to be considered when processing orders for the specified customer.  If this SpecialPricingClasses Longcode record is present, the system will use the information from the Longcode record instead of the SOTARGET parameter to determine the price calculations to be used by the system when processing an order for the customer specified in the record. 

The format of the Longcode record is presented below.  The Longcode record controls the default setting of the appropriate properties in the price calculation object for the customer defined in the record.


Description – Contents




Customer Account Number




Includes the Special Pricing Classes or options to be used for the specified customer.  This value overrides the value in the SOTARGET parameter described in the previous section of this document.  The valid values for this field are the same as those listed for the SOTARGET parameter