Special Pricing (SP)

The StreamV Special Pricing and Rebate Management Systems (SP) allow you to customize your pricing structure to meet your business needs.  Multiple pricing methods are offered by the system in order to support the wide variety of ways that companies do business with their customers.  The Special Pricing system supports inventory based price levels, customer based percentage discounts, quantity pricing and discounts for specific items, and special pricing and discounts for specific item/company or item/buying group combinations.  The system also supports automatic processing of vendor rebates for specific items, company/item combinations or buying group/item combinations.  

The customer side pricing methods available in the special pricing system are based on the most common variables used to determine a price for a specific customer and product.  These variables include the customer or customer type the order is being entered for, the item being ordered, the quantity being ordered, the manufacturer for the item, the product line and product group that the item is assigned to, the date the order is processed and other variables.

The Special Pricing System is the collection of programs and pricing options that are used by the system to determine the correct price to be charged to a specific customer when ordering a specific item and quantity.

The Special Pricing System makes use of information that is stored in multiple different database files.  These files include the Customer, Catalog and Inventory Master Files, the Special file, the Product Authorization file, the Longcode and System Parameter files, and other files.  All of this information is used by the system when determining the price for a specific order line and multiple pricing methods can be used in combination with each other in order to meet your business needs.

The Basic Purpose of the Special Pricing System is to calculate the “target price” to be charged for a particular customer, item, quantity and optional contract# combination, and to display this price to the operator during order entry.  The Target Price calculated by the system is normally the best available price for the customer based on the information in the order line being processed.  Options also allow you to “force” the system to use a price that is not the lowest available to deal with specific and unusual situations.

The Stream system can be set up to disallow editing the price that is calculated by the Special Pricing system during order entry, or it can be set up to allow the operator to override the system calculated price and manually enter the price to be charged for the order line when required.

As each order line is saved, the target price and the source of the target price calculated by the system, and the actual price for the order (and the source of that price) are recorded in the order line.  If the order line contains a price or a rebate (or both) that were obtained from a specific record in the special pricing file, the unique identifiers for the special price and the rebate used in the order line are also recorded.

The system can be configured to audit the price calculated by the system or entered by the operator to ensure that the price entered for the order meets minimum margin requirements.  In general, if the price for the order was automatically calculated by the system, it is not held for review.  Orders with manually entered prices that are below minimum margin can be placed on hold automatically by the system and these orders may not be completed until the hold on the order has been released by the appropriate sales manager or other personnel.

Please note: 

      The Special Pricing System is the collection of pricing methods and programs used to determine a customer price.  This should be clearly distinguished from a special pricing record (a special pricing record is a record that is set up in the Special Pricing file).  Various types of Special Pricing records can be set up in the Special file, and these records are used by the special pricing system but they are only part of the data used by the system.

      This document describes the “customer side” pricing options that are available in Stream.  StreamV also contains features that are used to determine the correct price to be used when issuing purchase orders to your vendors.  Vendor PO pricing options are discussed in the documentation for the Purchasing System.


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