Comment Accelerator keys

The Comment Editor is  a standard program which is used when editing viewing or creating comments.  The Comment editor supports many word processing features which can be used when editing existing comments or creating new comments.  These features or accelerator keys are listed below.

ALT + T Time Stamp "Stamps"  the text field in the comment with the current date and time.  This stamp is contained in the text field itself and is useful when you wish to record when each section of text was added to the comment record (as opposed to the last edited date which is stored in a separate date field in the comment record and which is updated automatically.

INSERT Insert/Overtype Changes the input mode between insert and overtype. The current input mode is displayed in the lower right hand corner of the Comment Editor Window.

HOME Beginning of Line Moves the cursor to the first character on the current line.

END End of Line Moves the cursor to the last character on the current line.

Ctrl + HOME Beg of Doc Positions the cursor at the beginning of the comment (Ctrl + keys perform the same function).


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