StreamV Introduction

StreamV is a highly automated and robust ERP System that is optimized to handle complex distribution, pricing, order processing, and inventory control requirements.  The system is very highly integrated and scalable allowing our customers to add users, and enable options as they need them.  StreamV and prior versions of the Cove applications have been in service worldwide, for over 20 years.

This document is the on-line help for the StreamV ERP System.

This chapter introduces the operator to basic information about the StreamV System.

The following chapters describe the different applications or functional areas that are included in the system.  These applications include CRM, Order Processing, Accounts Payable, Product Management, Purchasing, and other applications.

The help information for each application includes an overview section, a list of features, and program specific reference information.  Standard processing procedures for commonly performed tasks are also presented.  The program specific reference information in each chapter is used to display context sensitive help in the application. 

The StreamV Basics that are described in this chapter include the following.

System Components

The System Components section describes the different types of programs and objects that are included in StreamV.  The programs and objects that are described include the Workspace Selection Object, the Main Workspace, the Login and the Startup View, the Pulldown Menus, Views, Dialogs, and other components that are used throughout the system.  The standard email and imaging interfaces, and the comment or text editing objects used in the system are also described.


The Navigation section describes  the mouse and keyboard commands that are used to perform tasks in the application.  This section also describes the the Standard Toolbar., the Context Menu and More Options Menu and it describes how to use the Display and Search Sequence options that are available in the list based programs in the system.

Operator Information

The Operator flags, groups, branches, operator preferences, option level security.  Operator specific menu options (MyCove and Mygroup Menus).  Customizing the columns that are displayed by various programs in the system.  Adjusting the Column widths in list based programs.


The Forms section describes the various forms that are available in the system and the various options that are available to each operator for out-putting each form to preview or directly to a printer. 


The Reporting Section describes use of the Simple Report Interface and the Advanced Reporting Menu.   These report objects are used in many of the standard reports included in the system.  The Reporting section also describes some of the other reporting options in the system, such as the built in sql reporting tools available in StreamV

Help System

The Help section describes the various types of help that are available from within the application, including this on-line help documentation, field level documentation, house help, and other help options.

New Record Defaults

Describes how some programs will load default information into new records, and restrict the fields that can be modified.  These options allow operators to create new records such as customers or contacts while still allowing strict company policy to be followed.

Comment Management

Describes how text or comment information can be associated with the static and transactional data in the system.  Comment and Image information can also be secured as required.


StreamV System Features

StreamV System Overview

StreamV Operations Programs

Application Notes