Comment Button

The Comment Button (located on the Standard Toolbar) in the Customer Detail Program allows you to view and edit the existing comments for the selected customer and it can also be used to add additional comments for the selected customer.

When the Comment Button is pressed, the system activates the Comment List program and it loads the program with the Comment records for the customer.  The Comment List for the customer will display any user or Standard Comments that have been created for the customer.

Once the Comment List is displayed, you may view or edit an existing comment for the customer by using the Zoom option.  This action will load the selected comment into the Comment Detail panel so that you can view or edit the displayed text.  Please note that your ability to view or edit comments can be restricted using System Parameters.

You may also create new Comment records for the Customer by pressing the Insert Key.  When the Insert Key is pressed, the system will automatically display a list of the available comments for the customer.

The list will include the option User Comment (multiple user comments can be created for each Customer) and it will also include any standard comments that have not already been created for the customer.  The Standard Comments are defined in a system control record in the Textdata file and they are used for specific purposes by the system.  Some standard comments are used to print customer specific text on the documents (picklists, quotes, invoices, etc) for the customer, and other standard comments are used to display or store other information about the customer.

Please see the section on Customer Comments in the Overview section of this document for more details.


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