CRM Operations Programs

The CRM Operations programs allow you to perform a variety of critical customer service and marketing functions including.

      Creating and maintaining customer, prospective customer and customer contact information.  Customer and customer contact records (individuals at each customer company) can be created and updated quickly.  New record default information and security options allow you to control which fields can be modified by each user.  Customer specific comments (notes), item cross reference information, and other customer related information, such as special pricing, can be viewed and updated as required/

      Viewing Sales and Order History and Status.  The Customer Management and other programs allow you to quickly get comprehensive information about each customer including sales history, invoice status and payment history, order history and status, pending returns, and open incidents and or actions.

      Creating and editing customer quotes, sales orders, and loaners

CRM Operations programs also allow you to create and process Opportunity, Incident and Actions records, and to create and update customer related information that is used during transaction processing, such as special pricing records, customer cross reference records, company item comments and similar information.  Options also allow you to access other types of information such as inventory price and availability directly from the CRM programs.


Contact Manager

Contact Management

Customer Management

Rep Dashboard

Actions Detail

Customer Detail

Contact Detail

Opportunity Detail

ShipTo Address Detail

Address Validation Panel

Company Cross Reference Lookup

Cross Reference Lookup

Company Item Comment Lookup

Company Item Comment Detail Panel