Comment Button Comment List

The Comment Button located on the Cove Standard Toolbar in the Inventory Management program, allows you to display and edit the Comments or text notes that have been created for the selected Inventory Item.

When a valid Inventory record is selected in the Inventory Management program and the comment button is pressed, the system activates the Comment List program and it loads the program with the Inventory or Item Comments that have been created for the selected item.

Inventory Comments which are associated with both Catalog records and the Inventory records that have been created for the Catalog records, allow you to store user-definable and other comment or text information about each item in the system.  Multiple comments are supported for each Inventory or Catalog item, and the comments are tied to the Catalog Item Number.  Catalog or Inventory Item Comments apply to the Catalog record and to the inventory records for the Catalog record in all warehouse locations where the item is present.

User definable Inventory Comments are normally numbered from line 1 -1000 and are used to store text information about the item.

Standard Comments which are defined using a system control record in the textdata file, use pre-defined comment numbers which allows the system to automatically display the comments in the appropriate programs or print them on  a specific document.  The use of pre-defined comment numbers also allows you to secure specific types of comments (restrict the operators who can view or edit them) when necessary

When you select the Comment Button and the system will activate the Comment List and it will load the list with any existing comments that have been created for the item.  The Text field in each comment record will normally indicate what each comment record is being used for (the first line in the comment is normally a title line that indicates what information is being stored in the record).

You may view or edit the existing comments for the item (based on your security rights), by highlighting the desired record and using the Zoom key or you can create a new comment for the item by using the Insert Key.

When the Insert key or button is pressed, the System will automatically display a list of the available comments that can be created for the item.  This list will include a user comment (which will be created using the next available comment number below 1000 for the item), and it will also display any standard inventory comments that have been defined on your system that do not already exist for the selected item.  The Standard comments that are supported for each item are based on a System Control Record in the Textdata file.

Since Inventory or Item Comments apply to the Catalog and Inventory records for a specific item, Inventory Item Comments are described in more detail in the documentation for the Product Management (PM) System.


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