Warehouse Management Operations Programs

The Programs that are included in the Warehouse Management Operations Menu are used to View, Create and Maintain the Inventory and Bin information that is used during Inventory Transaction processing, and to process Inventory and Bin transactions in your warehouse locations. 

Some ot the primary tasks or business processes  that can be performed using the Warehouse Management Operations programs include.

      Viewing Inventory quantities, costs and other related informaton.

      Editing the Inventory Information for existing items.

      Receiving Inventory against the purchase orders that have been issued to your vendors

      Creating and Maintaining Bin records

      Processing Inventory Quantity Adjustments

      Processing Bin Transfers

      Processing Inventory Transfers

      Processing Inventory Cost Adjustments.

      Processing Inventory Counts.

      Processing Pending records.  The Pending Management program allows you to track and process the open Pending items that are used created when customer loaners, ticket billing invoices, vendor returns, and inter-facility transfers are processed.


Bin Management

Bin Master Management

Bin Detail Panel

Bin Transfer

Inventory Management

Inventory Detail


Receipts Management

Pending Management

IFT Management

Inventory Adjustment

Inventory Transfer

Inventory Average Cost Adjustment

Depreciate Stock