Comment Printing

In order to provide the ability for comments to be attached to documents and not printed the following special codes have been implemented. If either of these characters appear as the FIRST character in a comment the printing of the whole comment is controlled as follows.

Minus Sign - Do not print on external documents, ie. Invoices, purchase orders, etc…

Asterix (*) Do not print on ANY documents.

Examples: the minus sign (-) as the first character of a comment allows comments to be printed on internal documents such sales orders, and not printed on the invoice or packing slip. Using the asterix (*) as the first character in the record indicates that the comment is  for internal use only and should not be printed on any documents.

 PO Comment Printing

To allow the printing of informational comments on purchase orders the following codes are supports. The user may setup comments using the comment editor to cause the system to print a specific comment on all purchases orders and/or specific comments by delivery location.

Comment Source Code

Comment Ident




At the end of all POs


Location code

Prints on POs for delivery to the specified location.


Comment System Reference Information