Complete Count Method 

The Complete Count method is used to perform a complete count or physical inventory for a single warehouse location. 

When the system is prepared for this type of count, the beginning on hand quantities for all of the items and bins in the selected location are stored in each bin record, and all of the count records for the selected location are cleared from the Inventory Count file. 

When this type of count is performed all items in the selected location must be counted.  Count records are created for all items in the warehouse location so that all of the items in the location are adjusted at the end of the count process.

 When this method is used, count records must be entered into the count file for all items in the location.  If an item is not physically on hand, the count quantity in the count record for the item is set to 0.  If an item is on hand, the count record is updated with the actual quantity for the bin and item.  If an item is found during the count, and a count record does not exist for the item, a count record is entered for the item on the fly in the Count Management program. 


Processing a Complete Inventory Count