Contact Detail

The Contact Detail Program allows you to view and edit the information that is stored for each Customer Contact record in the Contact File.

The Contact Detail program allows you to display and to edit existing contact records, and it also allows you to perform other tasks related to existing contact records such as.

Editing existing Contact records for the selected company

Creating new ShipTo records for the selected company

Editing existing ShipTo records for the selected company.

Creating Viewing and Editing Customer Comment information for the selected company.

Viewing and Editing the Extended Detail records for the selected customer. Extended Detail records are Longcode records that can be created for specific customers and they are normally used to support or control advanced system options.

Viewing the Data Change history for the Customer record or for a specific field in the customer record.

Please Note: The Customer Detail program can be used to view and edit existing customers, but that it cannot be used to create new customer records. New Customers should be input into the system using the Customer Manager program.

The Contact Detail Program is used to View, Create and Edit Contact records.


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