Contact Lookup

The Contact Lookup program displays all of the Customer Contact records that have been entered into your system, and it allows you to locate a specific contact record using any of the several different display and search sequences that are available in the program. 

The Contact Lookup program is called from the Contact Manager program when the prompt button is used to locate the Contact record to be loaded into the Contact Manager program.

The Contact Lookup program allows you to perform the following tasks.

      Search for, locate and select an existing contact based on the display sequence being used in the program.

      View and Edit the comments associated with the selected contact.

      Add a new comment for the selected contact.

      View the Images associated with the selected contact.

      Add a new image for the selected contact.

      Access File and Field Level Help - The Column Help Option in Contact Lookup (which can be accessed using the Context or Right Mouse Menu) allows you to access the Data Dictionary Field Help program which can be used to display the File and Field definitions for each of the fields displayed in the Contact Lookup program.


Display and Search Sequences