Converting an order Type

When the type of a quote or an order is changed using the Convert Type option in StreamV or the Change Order Type option in StreamII, the existing customer and house PO information (if any) recorded in the quote or order is not modified and it is carried into the updated order.

In StreamV, you may convert a type S vendor ship order line to a quote up until the time that a PO is placed for the sales order.  If you attempt to convert a vendor ship order that only has PO requisitions, the system will automatically delete the requisition lines for the sales order and allow you to convert the sales order.  If a PO has been placed for the sales order, the system displays a message indicating that a purchase order exists, and it blocks you from modifying the order type.

In StreamII, the system generally blocks you from editing any sales orders which have had purchase orders created for them.  If you have been granted override editing rights to edit sales orders with associated purchase orders, you may access the order but will still be blocked from converting the type to a quote if any purchase orders exist for the order.