Correcting AR Invoice with Wrong Shipping Amount

If an invoice document (invoice or credit memo) is created, and the shipping amount on the invoice document is incorrect, there are a couple of options that can be used to correct the situatoin.

Issue New Invoice with Shipping Charge or Credit.

If the invoice to be corrected was issued with a positive amount, you may locate and select the incorrect invoice in the AR Invoice Lookup program and use the Credit Invoice option to create a new invoice for the shipping charge or credit that should be issued to the customer.

The credit invoice option will load the information from the original invoice into the order completion program.

Once the information is loaded, the operator can delete any line items from the original invoice, enter notes for the new invoice or credit to explain why it is being issued, and specify the amount of shipping to be charged or credited to the customer in the shipping field.

When the invoice is saved, the system will create a new invoice document (invoice or credit) for the amount of the shipping and any tax that applies to the shipping amount.

If a shipping adjustment is processed in this manner, the adjusting invoice or credit is tied to the original invoice (you can see the related adjustment when viewing the original invoice, and you can identify the invoice that the shipping adjustment was issued for.

Adjust the Shipping Amount

If the customer is billied for shipping and does not pay it, you can issue the customer a shipping credit using the Credit Invoice option, or you can simply write off the freight amount (charge it against freight revenue) using the AR Invoice Adjustment program.


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