Create Inventory records for all Active Catalog Items

This procedure is used to create Inventory or Warehouse records for a specific inventory location.  This option creates the Inventory records for a specific location using the Catalog record for each item and the New Record Defaults that have been specified for new inventory records.  Before running this program, you should verify that

      Catalog records exist for each item to be processed in each warehouse location

      All valid warehouse locations have been setup in the Department Table

      The new record default information for new inventory items is set up properly.

To create the Inventory records for a single location, you should perform the following steps.

      Select the Inventory Maintenance program from the Warehouse Management Maintenance/Utilities  Menu.

      Select the “Create inventory records for all active catalog items” Button

      Select the Warehouse Location in which inventory items should be created.

Once you have selected the location to be processed, the system creates inventory items in the selected location for any active status Catalog records in the system.  The system uses the Create Item From Catalog File procedure to create the items. 


Load Inventory Beginning Balances