Load Inventory Beginning Balances

This procedure is used to load the on hand quantity and the unitcost (average cost) for each Inventory Item into the system at system startup.

Note:  This procedure will overwrite any existing quantity or cost data in the inventory items being processed and should not be used after you have started operations.

      Prepare a CSV (comma separated value) input file to be used to load the inventory on hand quantity and the unitcost field for each item in each inventory location.  The format of the input file should be LOC,ITEM,QTY_OH,UNITCOST

      Select the Inventory Multi-Field Loader from the Warehouse Management Maintenance/Utilities Menu.

      Select the CSV input file to be processed using the prompt button located in the Import File Window.

      Select the QTY_OH field (Field 21) in the first field prompt window

      Select the UNITCOST field (Field 34) in the second field prompt window.

      Select the Load Button to begin processing. Once the Load button is pressed, the system will find the items in your system based on the location and item number specified in the first two fields in the inputfile and it will load the quantity on hand and the unitcost fields for each item based on the values in the third and fourth field in the input file.

      Run the Inventory Valuation report to verify that the Beginning Inventory Balance shown on the report is correct.  Retain the report in case it is needed for for audit or research purposes.  The amount on the report, plus the beginning WIP and Pending report balances (if any) should match the Beginning Balance in your Inventory Control account in the General Ledger.


Create Bin Records for each Inventory Location