Create Sub-Assembly Shop Order

The Create Sub-Assembly Shop Order option allows you to create a new shop order for the item and quantity specified in the selected shop order line item and to link this new sub-assembly shop order to the existing shop order line.  When a sub-assembly shop order is created using this option, the system will attempt to allocate the goods from the sub-assembly order to the shop order line that it was created for when the sub-assembly shop order is completed.  The Create Sub-Assembly Shop Order option can only be used when one or more bills of material exist for the component listed in the shop order line item.

When the Create Sub-Assembly Shop Order option is selected, the system activates the Bill of Materials Lookup program which can be used to display all existing bills of material for the selected item number.  If a valid bill of materials exists for the item, you may create a shop order for the shop order line by highlighting the appropriate Bill of Materials record and by pressing the Select Button that is displayed in the lower right corner of the Bill of Materials Lookup program.

Once you have highlighted a valid bill of materials and have pressed the select button, the system displays the Shop Order Header Detail Panel and it defaults the component item and quantity from the shop order line into the panel.  At this point, you may save the new shop order using the Save option, or escape without saving the new shop order by escaping from the panel.  If you save the new shop order, the system will create the shop order lines for the component item based on the selected bill of materials and it will attempt to allocate any available inventory to the shop order.


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