Shop Floor Operations Programs

This section describes the Shop Floor programs that are used on a regular basis during normal operations.

The Shop Floor Operations Programs are used to.

      Create and Maintain Bills of Materials for the items that you manufacture or assemble in house.  The BOM Maintenance Program allows you to set up a single or numerous different BOM’s for each of the items that you assemble in house and the program also allows you to attach extensive comments or text information to each Bill of Material Header and Line Item record.  The BOM Maintenance program also allows you to copy an existing BOM in order to create a new BOM for the same item or to copy and modify an existing BOM to use it for building a different item.

      Enter and Process Shop Orders.  The Shop Order Program allows you to enter and process Shop Orders for the items that need to be built in-house, and it also allows you to quickly determine the status of each shop order being processed.  The Shop Order Program also allows you to “split” shop orders in order to handle partial completions, to create add on shop orders from an existing shop order and to perform other operations.

      Perform Materials Explosion processing or dis-assembly operations.  The Materials Explosion program is specifically designed to handle the unique costing issues that apply when component parts are retrieved from an item that has been built in house.    The Materials Explosion program allows you to free up component parts, and it also allows you to scrap or record the disposal of components that cannot be returned to inventory.

      Convert between SKU numbers or inventory items which represent different units of measure for the same physical part.  The SKU conversion program allows you to convert between the “case” and “each” part numbers for an item.


Bill of Materials Management

Bill of Materials Line Lookup

Bill of Materials Header Detail Panel

Bill of Materials Line Detail Panel

Shop Order Management

Shop Order Lines Lookup

Shop Order Header Detail Panel

Shop Order Line Detail Panel

Process Pull Ticket

Edit Picker Item

SKU Conversion/UOM Reduction (FV079S03)

SKU Cross Reference Editor (FV079M06)

Materials Explosion