Creating a new Inventory Location

This section lists the steps required to create a new inventory or warehouse location.

1.  Enter the new warehouse code into the department table using the Department Master Editor.  The warehouse codes in the Department table are used to provide a list of valid inventory locations in the Inventory Lookup programs and in many of the reports used by the system.  A unique department record must be used for each location but the system does not require you to create account period records for this department in the Account Period file.  The departments used for each warehouse should be assigned to the appropriate division based on the division that actually owns the inventory.  The system averages the costs of items in warehouses with the same division and each warehouse location must be assigned to the correct division in order to keep the inventory sub-ledgers and the general ledger control account in each division in balance.

2.  Update the system parameter file (File 248) to reflect the new warehouse location(s) being used.  Some programs in the system use parameters to determine the valid locations which may be accessed by certain operators or programs.  These parameters should be updated as necessary so that the new location(s) may be used as required

3.  Create inventory items in the new warehouse. - This step can be performed in the following ways.

1.  Manually – Use the Catalog Master program to create the new item and then use the Create Item in Inventory Option to create Inventory records for the locations in which the item will be processed.

2.  Automatically.  The following options allow you to automatically create an Inventory Master record.  These methods basically copy item information from an existing Catalog or Inventory Master record

      If the item already exists in the Catalog file, you may use the “Create Item in Inventory” option available in the Catalog Master program to create the new items in the Inventory Master file.  When this option is used, the system will create the new inventory records based on the information in the Catalog record for the item.  The Inventory Normalization section of this document describes how the catalog information is copied into the Inventory record when a new item is created from the Catalog file.

      Copy all of the inventory items from an existing inventory location into the new inventory location.  The Create New Location program (FV070P05) allows you to copy all of the items from one warehouse location into a new warehouse location.  The program reads through the item numbers in the source location and it creates the items in the new location that you specify.  The program does not create the items in the new warehouse if they are marked as Inactive (Inventory Status = I) in the source warehouse or if the item already exists in the new (destination) warehouse.  The par file FV070M02.par  is used by the program to determine the fields in each new inventory record which are synchronized with the existing warehouse.  If you decide to create the items in the new warehouse by copying existing inventory information, it is critical that the par files used by this process are set up with the proper information.


Creating Inventory Items in a new inventory location