Product Management Procedures

This section describes the procedures that should be followed on a daily basis when creating or maintaining product information using the Stream V Product Management System.  This section also details the procedures to be used when reconciling the Inventory, Work in Process (WIP) and Pending sub-ledgers to the Inventory activity in the general ledger .  Instructions on how to recover from some of the common operator and other errors that can occur during inventory transaction processing are also presented.

Note:  This section of the document provides an overview of the Product setup, maintenance, and reconciliation procedures which should be performed on a daily basis.  It does not describe how to use each of the programs in the Product Management System in detail.  For a detailed description of the procedures to be followed when using each of the programs mentioned in this section, please refer to the Program Reference section of the Product Management documentation. 

This document assumes that the Product Management system has already been properly installed and configured as described in the Product  Management Setup and Installation procedures.  It also assumes that the product lines and groups, vendor records, general ledger accounts, and other information used by the Product Management programs have been properly set up in the appropriate files.  It is strongly recommended that the operator read the Product Management Application Overview to gain a better understanding of how the Product Management system works and how it integrates with the other modules in the system before beginning to process any of the listed transactions or procedures. 

The information in this document applies to the 278 file system revision of Stream V and is current as of the release date of this document.


Creating a new Item

Editing an existing Item

Copying an existing item into a new inventory location

Creating a new Inventory Location

Creating Inventory Items in a new inventory location

Changing an Item number

Normalizing Inventory Locations