Creating a Vendor

This procedure is used when  to create a new Vendor record.  Please Note:  Your ability to modify each field in new or existing Vendor records is based on the program and field access that has been granted for your operator id.

1.  Select the Vendor Manager program from the Accounts Payable or another menu.

2.  Input the name for the new Vendor company.  Each Vendor must have a unique name and Account Number.  The Vendor name field is currently used to associate or link the documents and transactions for a specific vendor to the correct vendor record.   The Account Number field in the Vendor record should also be set to a unique value. You may specify the account number to be used for the new vendor, or you may leave it blank.  If a new vendor record is saved with a blank account field, the system will automatically assign an account number to the new vendor using a system counter.  If the system has been set up to use an automatic counter for each new vendor account, the account field will not normally be accessible in the Vendor Manager program.

3.  Accept or change the default information that has been loaded into the new Vendor record by the system.  When the Vendor Manager program is activated, it loads the new record defaults, or the values that have been specified for new vendors into the Vendor Manager program.  These new record defaults, when combined with field security, allow operators to create new vendor records as required, but block the operators ability to edit specific critical fields in the new vendor records, such as the payment terms, or the default gl account to be used when distributing accounts payable invoices for the vendor.  Your abilty to edit each field in new and existing vendor records is based on the field security settings that have been created for your operator id.

Add note on new file based security in vendor manager DDNEW80


Editing a Vendor