Creating a Vendor Contact

This procedure can be used to create a new Vendor Contact record for an existing Vendor Company.  Vendor Contact records allow you to store phone number, address and other detailed information about specific people who work at the vendor company in the system and to easily access this information from the Vendor record.

1.  Select the Vendor Manager program from the Accounts Payable Operations Menu or from another menu.

2.  Find and select the Vendor Company associated with the new contact.  If the Vendor Company does not exist in the system already, you should create the vendor record prior to creating the Vendor Contact record.  You may find and select the Vendor by using the prompt button that is located next to the account field in the Vendor Manager program.  When the prompt button is pressed, the system activates the Vendor Lookup program which allows you to display and search for a vendor using any of the several different display and search sequences which are available in the program.  Once you have located and selected the appropriate Vendor in the Vendor Lookup program you may use the select button to load the Vendor into the Vendor Manager program.

3.  Select the Contacts Tab Page.  The Contacts Tab Page displays the existing contact records for the selected Vendor company.

4.  Press the Insert key or the Insert Button that is located on the Standard Toolbar in the Vendor Manager.  This action will activate the Vendor Contact Detail panel.  When the Vendor Contact Detail panel is activated, it will load some information, including the Vendor Company, address and phone numbers from the Vendor record.  You may accept or change the address and phone information from the Vendor record as required, but you may not modify the Vendor name as this is used to link the contact to the appropriate Vendor record.

5.  Enter the first and last name for the new Vendor Contact.


Editing a Vendor Contact