Creating Customer Cross Reference Items

The “Crossref” or Cross Reference file is used to associate your internal inventory item numbers with the item numbers that are used by your customers, vendors and manufacturers.  Cross reference records can also be set up for a specific buying group (group of customers) or for alternate item numbers (to point one internal item number to another internal item number).

Cross reference records allow sales and purchase orders to be placed using the outside item numbers specified by the companies you do business with.  The crossref file is used to speed up data entry by identifying the internal item number associated with a specific cross reference item.  Once a cross reference record has been created, the system allows you to locate and select an item using either the cross reference item number or your own item number.  Once a cross reference item is selected, the system uses cross reference item record to identify the internal item number that should be used during processing.

 Cross Each Crossref record contains a type field that indicates what type of entity the item is associated with (customer, vendor, manufacturer, buying group).   Crossref records allow you to locate and select an item using a customer defined item number.  Customer Cross Reference Items are records that 


Viewing Customer Order Status and History