Viewing Customer Order Status and History

1.  Select the Customer Manager from the CRM Pull-down menu.

2.  Find the appropriate Customer record as described under “Viewing and Editing a Customer record”.

3.  Select the Orders button in the lower left section of the Customer Manager.  This will cause the Orders Lookup program to be displayed.  The Orders Lookup program displays one line for each of the sales orders that have been entered for the selected company.  The information shown in the program at this point comes from the sales order header file and the fields that are displayed from the file are controlled by parameter files that can be customized on a global, branch, group, or user basis.  This allows different fields to be displayed based on the particular needs of your company or of the users within your company.

4.  Select the order status to display.  The Orders Lookup program defaults to displaying all of the sales orders for the selected company regardless of status, but you may use the options in the lower portion of the program to select a single status to display.  As you select a status (or ALL), the program will redisplay the data on the screen, selecting only the order status code or codes you have selected.

5.  View Order Header Information.  Sales Order Header information is information that applies to the entire sales order such as the customer billing and shipping information, the sales order terms and the shipping amount.  You may view the detailed Sales Order Header information for each order, by using the ZOOM key when the desired order is highlighted or by double clicking the desired order with the mouse.  At this point the Sales Order Header view is displayed.  The Sales Order Header view displays several different types of information from the Sales Order Header and some of this information is organized into panels.  You may move between the various panels by using the Tabs located in the middle of the Sales Order Header view.  Note: You may not edit sales order information from within this view.

6.  View Order Header Comment – You may view any sales order header comment for the selected sales order by pressing the Comment button in the Orders Lookup program or by pressing the Order Comment button from within the Sales Order Header View.  Your ability to view and edit specific comments (including sales order header and line item comments) is controlled by security parameters that can be set up on a global, group, branch or user basis.

7.  View Sales Order Line Items. – You may view the line items for any of the sales orders shown in the Orders Lookup by highlighting the desired order and by using the Expand key or mouse function.  At this point the Order Lines Lookup is displayed.  The Order Lines Lookup displays all sales order lines for the selected order regardless of status.

8.  View Sales Order Line Item Detail.  You may view the detailed information for each 


Viewing Customer Invoice Status and History